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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dear all,
this post is just to sum up what we have already said during our classes. I'll try to give all possible information again. Some of you asked me if I want from you also a paper or a bibliography: let's say that this is up to you. You will be evaluated only on the basis of the presentation. Nevertheless, there are several things you could add:
1) A handout, to give to all of us during your presentation (a list of readings, an outline, etc.). Only in this case it will be considered as part of a presentation. Just think of how professors usually present their lectures.
2) A bibliography or even a paper (like an article) will be preserved and taken into account during your oral exam at the very end of the course. That means that it won't be part of the evaluation of the midterm.

This is the schedule of the Midterm exam (the titles are provisional):

Wed. 18th April 2012:
1) Law and architecture: A comparison (Matthias Andres, Ludovica Bussoletti, Chiara Cencelli, Elena Cesario, Ilaria Cordeschi)
2) Law and literature: Dickens (Grazia D'Alpa, Rudolf Droege, Lorenzo Fanelli, Chiara Ferrauti, Elena Forzano)

Thur. 19th April: NO CLASS

Fri. 20th April:
3) Law and architecture & totalitarianism (Yang Qingya, Florian Markus Rheinbay, Alessandro Scioli, Micol Mieli)
4) Law and literature: Dickens (Martina Sebastiani, Beatrice Stefanini, Andrea David Milei, Vitiello Vania, Carolin Woeste)

Wed. 25th April: NO CLASS (Festa della liberazione)

Thur. 26th April: Visit to the Court of Cassation

Fri. 27th April:
5) Law and architecture in England (Carlotta Frattini, Benedetto Loris Gaudino, Edoardo Gianni, Sophia Kisielewska, Kai Koch)
6) Law and literature: "Measure for measure" (Pietro La Rosa, Lucio Maria Lanzetti, Lorenzo Maciariello, Lavinia Masini, Serena Micarelli)
7) Law and literature: "Pinocchio" (Carlo Alberto Norzi, Luca Passeri Leoni, Martina Pedata, Lucia Pizzari, Clement Veroheven)

You will have 30 minutes time for each presentation.

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