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Thursday, March 28, 2013

MIDTERM EXAM:Power point groups

Dear students,
as you already know, you will have to prepare a power point presentation for your Midterm Exam. As the number of students has changed since the beginning of the course, you have been devided into 6 groups of 7 students. Each group will have 45 minutes time. You have to freely choose a topic but you have to inform me and prof. Conte about it 2 weeks before the presentations (by April 18th), which will take place on May 2nd, 3rd and 5th. You have all the emails of your collegues in the mailing list I use to send you the materials but if you have any problem in getting in touch with someone please contact me. Of course we remain at your disposal for any kind of question. Ah! Have a nice , even if short, Easter Break!

May 2nd: group 1 and 5 (yes 5!)
1. Abdoul Zamil Zeenath*
2. Aller Federica
3. Antuofermo Mattia (?)
4. Apreda Alex
5. Bordoni Francesco
6. Borsacchi Alice
7. Sobel Isabel Gail*

1. Luft Niklas*
2. Marcantonio Marika
3. Merlini Edoardo
4. Michalczyk Angelika
5. Mottironi Camilla
6. Nobili Diana Oro
7. Serranti Marco

May 3rd, group 2 and 3
1. Brocco Gianluca
2. Cecconi Diana
3. Chiaramonte Emilia
4. Cicchelli Nicola
5. Colaninno Andrea Nicolas
6. Shair Maya Sivan*
7. Pikata Agnieszka*

1. Coronas Ylenia
2. D'Agostino Vincenzo Gabriele
3. De Carlo Irene
4. Di Lorenzo Roberta
5. Di Patrizio Matteo
6. Disario Alessandro
7. Formose Mailys

May 8th: group 4 and 6
1. Frattini Francesca Romana
2. Hamer Sigrid*
3. Kulik Katherine*
4. Lombardi Chiara
5. Loricchio Angela
6. Lotito Chiara
7. Lucidi Mariolina

1. Pelino Alissa
2. Pompei Martina
3. Renda Francesco
4. Lewis Salomé
5. Lopez Timothy
6. Strazza Giordana
7. Toschi Eva

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