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Friday, March 2, 2012

Course schedule (March 7th 2012 – May 24th 2012)

March 7th–9th: Law and Literature & introduction (Prof. David Skeel)
March 14th–16th: Law and Literature (Dr. Wim Decock)
March 21st–23rd: Law and Literature (Prof. Justin Steinberg, Dr. Stefania Gialdroni)
March 28th–30th: Law and Iconography (Prof. Anthony Musson)

April 4th–6th: Law and Architecture (Dr. Stefania Gialdroni)
April 11th-13th: Law and Literature/Iconography (Prof. Gary Watt)
April 18th–20th & 26th–27th : Midterm Exam

May 2nd–4th: Law and Philosophy, Law and History (Dr. Michele Spanò, Prof. E. Conte) May 9th–11th: Law and Archeology (Prof. Jan Gadeyne)
May 16th–17th: Law and Music
May 24th: Final Exam

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