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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 15th and 16th: Open classes (Law and Music and Law and...cinema)!

Dear students,

tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (Thursday May 15th and Friday May 16th), our Law and the Humanities classes will be open to all people interested. So, feel free to invite friends, family and fellow students. 

May 15th, 10:00 am, room 4: Law and Music class by Prof.  Resta with the exceptional participation of M° Baldinelli (violin). 

May 16th, 10:00 am, room 4: We will show the videos made by some students of the 2014 Law and the Humanities class for our little "competition". The other works will be made available online on this blog and/or on our facebook page as soon as possible. Otherwise, the videos are too heavy to be uploaded but they are really good. This will be an occasion to discuss together your works and to ask questions about the course and the exams (remember that you have to register for the final oral Law and the Humanities exam as you do for any other exam). 


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