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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tomorrow and the Day after Tomorrow

Dear students,
on Wednesday and Thursday you will be asked to answer some questions about the course. The idea is to understand what you think about the course, not to test your knowledge. The questionnaire will include a text that you will have to analyze according to what you understood about the law and the humanities field of study. We will then discuss together your answers. It is not an exam but just a way to sum up!
See you tomorrow


  1. Dear Dr. Gialdroni,
    I am writing in the name of some of your class’ students.
    We would kindly ask you about our coming test’s conditions and how we can get ready for it.
    Thank you in advance from all of us and see you tomorrow.

  2. You do not have to prepare anything! The test is not in the syllabus, it is not an exam and you will not be evaluated. I will ask questions such as "why did you enroll in this course?". Finally, I will provide a text that you will try to analyze according to what we have done until now. It could be useful to have a look to prof.Skeel's lectures and to the post about lady justice but, I repeat, it is not an exam! It is a rather a way to sum up avoyding other two "traditional" lectures before prof. Manderon's classes which will be quite demanding also considering the amount of readings.
    Stefania Gialdroni

  3. This is really an interesting examination for students to find out their understanding in terms of the course. They can answer the questionnaire based on their general knowledge.

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